Human Resources at Bureau of Human Resources and Civil Services

Syarif Utono

(Head of Bureau of Human Resources and Civil Services= Drs. Syarif Utomo, M.M. )


(Division Head of General and Legal Affairs = Dra. Rosadah Agustin Syarief, M.A.B.)


(Division Head of Human Resources  = Mulyaningwati, S.Sos., M.A.B.)

Lulut Endi

(Division Head of  State Owned Property= Lulut Endi Sutrisno, S.E., M.A.B.)

Ali Mustohar

(Subdivision Head of Inventory and Write-Off Asset = Ir. Ali Mustohar, M.M.)

Siti Marpuah

(Subdivision Head of Procurement  = Siti Marpuah, S.H., M.M.)


(Subdivision Head of Domestic  = Mardiantono, S.Sos. )


(Subdivision Head of Legal Affairs = Harnanto, S.H.)

Benny Bernadus Widodo

(Subdivision Head of Administration and Protocol= Benny Widodo, S.H., M.H.)

kotok gurito

(Subdivision Head of Archival and Public Relation  = Kotok Gurito, S.E.)

Evi Hayati

(Subdivision Head of Lecturer= Evi Hayati, S.Ag.)


(Subdivision Head of Employee = Jaedi, S.P.)