Work program

To run the BUK tasks, management arrange the work program. In the BUK work program, always consider and make the document of university level quality, such as UB status, OTK, UB, Renstra UB, work program of rector, and relevant normative documents. BUK work program can be seen in table below”

Table of BUK work program

No Work program


1 General and Legal Affairs Division
1.1 Process the mail administrative system (SIAS) for outgoing mail V
1.2 Process the mail administrative system (SIAS) for incoming mail V
1.3 Issuance of the rector decree V
1.4 Process of building borrowing V
2 Human resources Division
2.1 Propose the discharge decree of employee V
2.2 Rank increase of educational manpower V
2.3 Reward of Satya Lancana V
2.4 Process of first appointment proposal in the lecturer functional post V
2.5 Process of study assignment  decree proposal of lecturer V
3 State Owned property Division
3.1 Use of official vehicle of Brawijaya University V
3.2 Office stationary service at the rectorate level of Brawijaya University V
3.3 Deletion of office building of Brawijaya University V