Bureau of Human Resources and Civil Services (BUK) of Universitas Brawijaya has vision to embody reliable bureau  in general administrative services, human resources, and facilities and infrastructure to support the operation and development of Brawijaya University toward international level university.


UB’s  Mission that relevant with the BUK development is mission that relate with the development of healthy bureau in effort to strengthen the governance, transparency, and public image toward international level university. While the BUK mission that relates with the development fields that are done as follows:

  1. Empower the services potentials in administrative field  of  administration and management law,
  2. Administer the information services  that relate with human resources and civil services  to build Brawijaya University image.
  3. Administer the services of domesticity, facilities, usage, maintenance, securing the state asset optimally
  4. Administer the human resources services to embody professional, certified, moral and dignified, loyal and discipline human resources.


The goals of BUK as technical services unit of general administration as follows:

  1. Improve the services quality and the management in correspondence, archiving, inventory and asset deletion, security, environmental cleanliness, legal product, protocol optimally
  2. Improve the services quality and human resources management in recruitment, development, welfare, and reward and discharge of employee.


BUK motto follow the UB motto, that is join UB be the best


Services Declaration

BUK formulate the services declaration suitable with the UB services declaration, that is: giving the best services to embody the satisfaction of services user.