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Based on the Regulation of Minister of Research,Technology and Higher Education  No. 4 Year – 2016 about Organizational and Working Procedure Universitas Brawijaya, and also having the inauguration of Structural Officers Eselon IIa, IIIa, and IVa , Universitas Brawijaya, therefore  the organizational structure and personels have been changed.

Bureau of Human Resources and Civil Services conducts the administrative affairs, law, legal affairs, domestic, human resources and coordinates state owned property. By doing these jobs, Bureau of Human Resources and Civil Services has the function of :

  1. the implementation of administrative affairs;
  2. the implementation of legal affairs;
  3. the implementation of human resources affairs;
  4. the implementation of domestic affairs; and
  5. the implementation of state owned property.

Bureau of Human Resources and Civil Services consists of:

  1. General and Legal Affairs division;
  2. Human Resources division;
  3. State Owned Property division; and
  4. Functional positions.

General and Legal Affairs division consists of:

  • Administration and Protocol subdivision;
  • Domestic subdivision;
  • Legal Affairs’ subdivision; and
  • Archival and Public Relation subdivision.

Human Resources division consist of:

  • Lecturer subdivision; and
  • Employee’s subdivision.

State Owned Property division consist of:

  • Procurement subdivision; and
  • Inventory and Write-Off subdivision..

Names of Structural Officer at Bureau of Human Resources and Civil Services:





Drs. Slamet Kusnady, M.Si. Head of Bureau of Human Resources and Civil Services


Mulyaningwati, S.Sos., M.A.B.
Division Head of Human Resource


Drs. Lukisan Edy Kuncoro Division Head of State Owned Property


Dra. Rosadah Agustin Syarief, M.A.B. Division Head of General and Legal Affairs


Benny Bernadus Widodo RS., S.H. Subdivision Head of Administration and Protocol


Slamet Winarko, S.T. Subdivision Head of Domestic


Drs. Zuchrowardi Subdivision Head of administration and legal management


Pranatalia Pratami Nugraheni, S.A.B. Subdivision Head of Archival and Public Relations


Evi Hayati, S.Ag., M.A.B. Subdivision Head of Lecturer


Drs. Agus Budisiswanto Subdivision Head of Educator


Siti Marpuah, S.H., M.M. Subdivision Head of Procurement


Ir. Ali Mustohar, M.M. Subdivision Head of Inventory and Write-off Asset