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pembukaan_diklat_sekretaris_2517_20160420131643The principal’s secretary is a part of front office. He/she, besides having a good performance, also should be smart, effective, creative, being fluent in English and professional to his/her job. And seeking a secretary is not an easy thing. Thus, as delivered by Vice Rector on Administration and Finance Affairs Dr. Sihabudin, SH., MH, in training of secretary’s effective roles in University of Brawijaya surroundings. The training executed in Batu on 16-17 April 2016 was organized in order to create human resources to be allocated in principals’ position, to become a professional secretary.

Furthermore as delivered by Vice Rector II, secretary is an initial place to create principals guest impression into the institution. Therefore, according to the lecturer of Faculty of Law, a principal’s secretary should able to communicate well and friendly.

The training presented speakers such as Mila Ahdi Yustiana, AMd., with presentation titled “Professional Image”, Sri Sudarwati with presentation of Service Exellence, Dr. Drs. Riyanto, BPA, M.Hum., with presentation titled Work Ethics and Secretary’s Job, and also Mulyaningwati, S.Sos, M.AB and Zuchrowardi with presentation tiled the official scripts.

In the presentation delivered by Sri Sudarwati and Mila Ahdi Yustiana, being delivered that excellent service becomes important since its can arise customer’s loyalty and able to provide different values of the organization with other competitors. Sri Sudarwati who is also Head of Professional Administration and Secretary Bond branch of Malang presented five main components to be developed to improve excellent services.

The five components are reliability or capabilities to give accurate services and satisfying, assurance or capabilities to provide customer’s belief and trust, tangible or capabilities to provide facilities, devices and interesting performance, empathy or capabilities to provide attention to the customer professionally and also responsiveness or responsive to immediately help customers.

A secretary will successful to perform his/her profession if fulfill the five main keys including technical skill, managerial skill, interpersonal skill, personal strength and able to perform in proper self image.

A lecturer at Faculty of Administrative Science, Riyanto, added that requirements to be a good secretary should fulfill requirements including wise and sympathetic personality. A secretary also should mastering general knowledge of ideology, politics, economics, social, culture, defense and security, having special knowledge to be obtained through education and training and also having skills on secretarial.

Besides being given a basic science to be a secretary, dozens of participants who are principlas’ secretary and administration staff in University of Brawijaya also obtained presentation of official scripts. The presentation is important since a secretary should able to run admisnitration job in accordance with University of Brawijaya’s official regulations.

Bureau’s Head on General affairs and Staffing, Drs. Slamet Kusnadi, M.Si when closed the event in the second day delivered, the material has been received are depended on participants’ implementation on the field. Kusnadi asked participants to actively learn from anyone and learn to understand the principals, either his/her excess or deficiency. Not forget the man who was born in 1959 reminded the participants who mostly young to work properly for University of Brawijaya and do not complain when being deployed at any division. [pranatalia/Humas UB/trans. Denok]

Source: Prasetya Online