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Tuesday (12/12/2017) held at the Student Cultural Building, the handover ceremony was held for the Head of Universitas Brawijaya Security Unit. The handover ceremony was led by Dr. Sihabudin, S.H., M.H. as Deputy Chancellor for General Affairs and Finance. In his remarks he advised all Universitas Brawijaya Security Units to always improve performance and always maintain cohesiveness, not to forget he also congratulated the elected Head of the Security Unit for the period of 2017-2019, Brother Syamdodo Rachman, who was officially appointed as Head The new Security Unit replaces Brother Prijo Fermanto (Head of the previous period’s Security Unit).

The handover event was held by the General Section, Law and Procedure, where the Security Unit governance was under the General Section.

In the handover ceremony, Dra. Rosadah Agustin Syarief, M.A.B. as Head of General Affairs, Law and Procedure, Slamet Winarko, S.T. as the Head of the Household Sub-Section, the Head of Administration of all Faculties in Brawijaya University, a witness from the poor police department, and all members of the Brawijaya University security unit. (WAP)

source: uhtl.ub.ac.id