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The commemoration ceremony of the 73rd Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia Independence which was held at the rectorate field of Universitas Brawijaya, Friday (17/8) took place in an orderly manner. All levels of UB’s academic community consisting of leaders, lecturers, education personnel were also present in the series of activities. With the big theme of the Minister of Research Technology and Indonesian Higher Education (Menrsitekdikti) “Our Work, Nation’s Achievement”, Prof. Dr. Ir Kusmartono MS as the ceremonial advisor revealed that the commemoration of the 73rd independence day was a special moment for the Indonesian people.

This moment of success cannot be separated from the movement of the Indonesian nation which is seen as being able to maintain its political stability, develop a healthy economy, to the achievements of Indonesian children in various international competitions. Development in various sectors, competitiveness of the local economy, and innovation in science is one of the many advances in the nation that can strengthen the creativity and intellectual of the Indonesian people. However, the use of science and technology and innovation for the community, especially economic and industrial actors still needs to be improved. “In achieving this, students should understand data literacy, technology literation and human literacy. These three new literations need to be mastered by all graduates of universities in Indonesia,” he said.

Data literacy is the ability of students to read, analyze and use information from data in the digital world. Technology literacy is the ability to understand the systems of technological mechanics in the world of work and the principles of engineering. While human literacy is a humanitarian side that prioritizes communication and creative design. It is expected that with the presence of these three elements, Indonesia is able to overcome the challenges of the 4.0 industrial revolution that has competitiveness. “In commemoration of the 73rd Anniversary of Indonesian Independence, all universities let together build research and technology, incise achievements and strengthen entrepreneurial social capabilities in facing global challenges,” he concluded.