Assessment of:

Biro Administrasi Umum dan Kepegawaian (BAUK)


Mr.L.Edy K, Mr.Kadri, Mr.Wiyata, and Team

Audit trails and sources of evidence:

  • Management Review
  • Sasaran Mutu
  • Manual Mutu BAUK
  • Gap Analysis SDM BAUK
  • Daftar Nama Pejabat Struktural
  • Edaran untuk program peningkatan dosen dan pegawai administrasi
  • Training Certificate
  • Program Kerja BAUK
  • Penyusunan Rencana Kebutuhan Ketenagaan UB Tahun 2012
  • Manual Prosedur Pelaksanaan Diklat Teknis
  • Pemeriksaan/PerawatanTabung Pemadam UB
  • Program Kerja Teknisi Mekanikal (Genset)
  • Manual Prosedur Pemeliharaan Gedung
  • MP Pelaksanaan Pengadaan Barangt/Jasa pada Bagian Pengadaan
  • Evaluasi Penilaian Rekanan
  • Program Kerja Satuan Pengamanan
  • Laporan Kehilangan

Evaluation and conclusions:

The activity related to BAUK activities including monitoring and reporting was observed to be in order as required by company procedure.Basis the records reviewed for operation (general, human resources and facilities), all relevant processes assessed were found satisfactorily implemented to support the requirements of the company’s procedure. Based on sample taken, no negative point was noted.

Performance of BAUK department was monitored through quality objectives which is properly maintained and no non conformity finding to be reported however a note were given as below:

Care should be taken to completedappropriate data regarding competency gap analysis based on experience records to demonstrate conformity with the requirements

Consideration could be taken to established training program documentation based on activities program to ensure delivered training realization in accordance with planned arrangement

Consideration could be taken toincluded fuel inspection (solar) for generator and CCTV equipments in maintenance program

Questionnaire evaluation as supplier performance measurement was reported, analyse appropriate for data evaluation alreadydefinedhowevercare should be taken to provide information records of follow up for reviewing the effectiveness of the corrective action taken

Consideration could be taken to review manual procedure regarding conducted of “education-training” (DIKLAT) to ensure clearly defined evaluate the effectiveness of the action taken that type of delivered of training (awareness or improve the competency of skill)

Care should be taken to review quality objective of security process that performance definition should be measurable