Documentation system in BUK describes the harmony between policies, quality targets, and procedures, and also records which all of them are documented. Documentation system is also designed as the effective communication instrument to warrant consistency of activities/processes to produce services based on customer requirement.

Bureau of General and Legal Affairs (BUK) has determined and maintained the documented procedures about all documents and notes related with SMM requirements. Document system and its codification can be seen in the following tables.

Table of Documents of Manual Procedures (MP) :




1. MP Control over Documents and Records


2. MP Internal Audit Download
MP Control over Incompatible Products Download
4. MP Corrective and Preventive Actions Download
5. MP Proposal for Office Appliances Download
6. MP Vehicle Borrowing Download
7. MP Direct Procurement of Goods Download
8. MP Vehicle Maintenance Download
9. MP Collective Reporting Download
10. MP Building Disposal Download
11. MP Vehicle Disposal Download
12. MP Third Party Evaluation Download
13. MP Lecturer Rank Download
14. MP Promotion for Head Lecturer and Professor Download
15. MP First Appointment Download
16. MP Learning Duties Download
17. MP Adjustment Test for Lecturer Download
18. MP Pre-Rank Training and Education Download
19. MP Technical Training and Education Download
20. MP Leadership Training and Education Download
21. MP Civil Servant Termination Download
22. MP Fostering of Administrative Officers Download
23. MP Annual Leave Proposal Download
24. MP Proposal for Wife and Husband Cards Download
25. MP Proposal for Health Insurance Card Download
26. MP Proposal for Staff Identity Card Download
27. MP Recognition of Satya Lencana Download
28. MP Appointment of Civil Servant Candidates into Educative Work Civil Serrvants Download
29. MP Learning Duties in 2015 Download
30. MP Official Exam and Adjustment Test Download
31. MP Update of SIMPEG Data Download
32. MP Building Borrowing Download
33. MP Guest Reception Download
34. MP Third Party Evaluation Download
35. MP Follow-up of Claim from Customers of BUK UB Download
36. MP Issues of Secretariat and Protocol Download
37. MP Archive Arrangement Download
38. MP Archive Borrowing Download
39. MP Archive Decimation Download
40. MP Issuance of Rector Decree Download
41. MP Archive Storage Download
42. MP JRA Arrangement Download
43. MP Archive Reduction Download
44. MP Electronic SM Download
45. MP Exit Clearance


46. MP Entry Clearance